Sports’ Premium


What is the Sports Premium?

 The government has provided funding of £450 million, since 2013, to provide new and substantial primary school sport funding. The funding is being provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, and Media and Sport, and has seen money going directly to primary school headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. All maintained schools must publish information about their use of the PE and Sport Grant allocation.

What is the purpose of this funding?

Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.

Sports Premium Funding 2017-18

Funding for 2016/17


Our allocation of funding for 2016/17 is £8,790. Based on the positive impact of coaching, provided by Life Leisure, during the previous academic year, the decision was made to continue and expand this resource in the current academic year.  We also wanted to continue to use the Sports Premium to cover entry costs into competitions and to provide sports equipment.  Our other focus was to use the Sports Premium to help develop assessment of pupil progress and performance.

How it has been used and what is the impact

  • The majority of the funding has been used for our subscription to the Stockport School Sport Partnership (£1,412) and 2 days of extra coaching throughout the whole academic year (£5,480). The school sport partnership provide subject specialist advice to enhance the quality of teaching and learning in Physical Education.  It also provides ongoing professional development and training for staff and access to a wide range of SSSP competitions for pupils.
  • Impact: As well as providing professional development opportunities for teachers, the use of the same coach across the school allow continuity and progression of skills throughout the school.
  • The coaching takes place over 2 full days in all classes from reception to year 6. It also provides pupils with access to lunchtime sports clubs and afterschool clubs in football, netball and dance.  During lunchtimes, the coach has also been used to train Y6 playleaders and run an intra-school netball competition for the juniors.
  • Impact: Children have had access to a wider range of clubs both at lunchtime and after school.  The introduction of a free dance club after school has broadened the number of pupils participating in PE beyond the school day. The intra-school netball competition has allowed more children to experience competitive, sporting activity and develop their skills of teamwork and respect.
  • A new equipment shed was bought (£646) to store playground equipment. Other equipment has been bought (£114) to replace old and damaged stock.
  • Impact: Children have quick and easy access to equipment at lunchtimes so more time can be spent using the equipment to engage in physical activity. Playleaders have access to all the equipment, allowing them to take responsibility and ownership of their roles.
  • Subscription to the South Area Sports Association and Schools’ Cross Country leagues are an important use of our Sport Premium, together with competition medals (£121 in total).
  • Impact: Entry into these competitions has provided an ever increasing number of pupils to participate in competitive sport and taught them important values of teamwork and working hard in order to improve.

 Future Spending

We intend to use the remainder of our Sports Premium to develop the use of ICT as a tool to provide feedback to pupils; to assess pupil progress and ability; and to gather evidence to share with parents and peers. This will be done by providing teachers with i-pads and training in feedback and assessment strategies that can be used in all PE lessons.  These will be used to record coaching tips and drills that can be centrally stored and accessed by all teachers at any time; they will also give pupils instant visual feedback that they will be able to review and self-evaluate; they will also provide evidence of pupils’ progress across individual lessons and throughout a longer block of lessons.

 Funding for 2015/16

Our allocation for the academic year 2015/16 was £8,810.00. This was used to fund a number of projects, which included:

  • Subscription to Schools Sports Partnership and other sports subscriptions.
  • Purchasing new PE equipment such as skipping ropes, balls.
  • Providing resources for cross country running.
  • Providing in-school and after-school coaching through Life Leisure in a range of sports including netball for KS1 and KS2 pupils, dance, football and multi-skills.
  • The purchase of school trophies for sporting events such as Sports Day.
  • The purchase of three iPads to record children’s movements in gymnastics and sports in order for children to evaluate and improve their performance.
  • In-house staff training/courses.


Impact on the children to date

  •  An analysis of current attendance records for clubs and the percentage of total possible take-up show that children are more engaged in sporting activities.
  • Children are seen to be more active on the playground at playtimes and lunchtimes, with greater engagement of pupils. A new club at lunchtime has been running successfully and pupils are making effective use of PE equipment and the ball catchers that were purchased in 2014/15.
  • Children have access to a wider range of clubs after school.
  • Pupil engagement and enthusiasm in dance lessons is very high with performances being put on for pupils across the school to watch.
  • We have trained play leaders at lunchtime who help to lead activities which encourage the younger pupils to participate in games and activities. It also helps to improve responsibility, confidence and self-esteem for the older children.
  • The cross country team has achieved significant success with a high percentage of children taking part in events both after school and at the weekends.
  • Subscription to the Stockport School Sport Partnership has enabled the school to access on-site coaching for pupils and to access to sporting competitions such as tri-golf, lacrosse, football and cross country. The PE Coordinator has been able to attend conferences and network meetings with other PE professionals.

 Funding for 2014/15

For 2014/15 we were allocated £8,810.00. We used the funding to purchase ball catchers for the playground so that children can practise their throwing and catching skills. We also used the money to purchase a new gymnastic scheme of work and to provide staff development training in the teaching of gymnastics. In addition, we also used the funding to improve and add to the current PE equipment resources and to fund training courses for staff.

Pupil Voice – September 2016

We wanted to find out our children´s views on the impact of specialist coaching so we asked all our KS2 children to fill in a questionnaire.  The results were very positive and showed that the vast majority of our pupils enjoyed PE lessons; were actively involved in sporting clubs; could see the benefit of the sports coach; and that they were leading a healthy, active lifestyle.  It was also pleasing to see 48% of our KS2 pupils have joined a sporting club outside school as a direct result of them enjoying the opportunity to try the sport in school.

The pupils were also asked to make comments on any aspect of PE in school and this is what they said:-

  • “I’ve enjoyed doing football because it’s fun”
  • “I think the sports clubs are a great idea because some people can´t do sports outside school”
  • “I think the coaches really have helped me to improve.”
  • “I have really enjoyed doing dance on a Monday because it makes me want to do dance out of school”
  • “I think sports in school are really fun.”
  • “I really enjoyed representing the school in netball and the Woodbank races. I hope that year 5 and 6 can do netball again.”
  • “The coaching is amazing. The sports choice is amazing. I love it all!”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed being in lacrosse tournaments and playing for my team, can´t wait to do lacrosse.”
  • “The coaches make the learning part of sport fun.”
  • “I feel like cross-country has helped with my stamina.”
  • “Having a coach is really helpful because I learn new sports.”
  • “I have totally enjoyed the coaching in PE games and I really enjoyed representing the school in cross-country.”