PTFA Information

Thank you Thank you to all who have supported the PTFA.  Because of you we have started to purchase iPads for our children.  Look at the class pages to see what we are doing with them!

High Lane School PTFA- A message to parents and carers
We are a group of parents who meet as the ‘Parents, Teachers & Friends’ Association (PTFA).
We meet regularly in school during the day or in a local pub during the evening.  Our aim is to raise much needed funds for the school.  We are now looking for new parents and carers to join our merry band.  You don’t have to attend every meeting or help out at every event, just give a little support now and then.
You might prefer to organise a one-off event and then take a back seat…great!  Or you might just have an idea for a fund-raiser.
It’s not a full-time commitment.
It would be ideal to have a representative from each year group to voice opinions, ideas and pass information on.
Please see if you can spare a little of your precious time to help the children who are most precious to you.

Please indicate your interest by leaving a note in the Office, with your name and contact details and we’ll let you know when the next meeting will be.

PTFA Newsletter – Summer 2014