There were 192 pupils on roll in September 2015, 15 children having entered reception class in September.  There are 30 reception places available in September 2016.

Both school and Nursery admissions are managed centrally by the Local Authority. At the current time, places are no longer guaranteed for any child except those who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or are in Public Care. Following consideration of these two groups, places are allocated in accordance with the following criteria:
a) Looked after children and previously looked after children
b) Children considered to have highly exceptional medical/social reasons
c) Children resident within the catchment area and will have a sibling at the school at the time of admission
d) Children resident outside the catchment area of the school with a sibling at the school whose 1st child was admitted in September 2008, 2009 and 2010
e) Children who live in the catchment area
f) Children who live outside the catchment area of the school and will have a sibling in school at the time of admission
g) Any other applicants, in order of straight-line distance between home and the school
h) Applications received after the closing date ordered by the criteria detailed above

Full details of the regulations can be found on the council website.

There are 20 part time, mornings only, nursery places available each September.  However, we operate an Early Years Partnership with Playgroup which is on site and run by Marple Childcare. Children who are not successful in obtaining a nursery place can apply for a place in Pre-school.

Parents and prospective pupils are very welcome to visit the school.  It is usually better to make an appointment so that proper arrangements can be made for the Headteacher or other member of staff to show you around when the school is open so you can see the staff and children at work.

Parents of new intake children are invited to meet the staff who will be involved in the teaching or care of their child in the term prior to their child’s entry. At this meeting the teacher will discuss the teaching strategies we use in school and how we can best work together to become partners in the learning process.

Children are invited to spend time in school in the term prior to their entry into the reception class so that they can.become.familiar.with.their.surroundings,

If you are interested in applying for a place in any year group, please contact school on 01663 762378 to arrange a visit. 

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