Final Races at Woodbank

The final two events of this season’s calendar were packed closely together and we had a huge turnout in both of them, managing over 30 runners in the last race.

There’s been some intense competition within the High Lane camp throughout the season, notably amongst the year 3/4 girls and boys; this continued in the final two events where Imogen came out on top of the High Lane girls with two 9th places in a row.  The boys’ event saw Sam take the top spot with a stunning 8th place in the penultimate event before a determined Isaac took back his place at the top of the High Lane team, in the last race, with a great run to finish 11th.

The increasing competition amongst our year 5/6 girls’ team was also apparent; Hannah W led the group, but it was Amelia who was the second highest High Lane finisher in the last two races. In the 5/6 boys’ race, Will, Zak and Jonathan all produced their best result to finish off a great team performance.

A super effort from all our runners; we’re so proud of all of you.

Year 3/4 Girls

Imogen, Sophie, Lauren, Beth, Rose, Mia, Emily, Hannah, Felicity and Isobel

Year 3/4 Boys

Isaac, Sam, Liam, Finlay, Oliver, Harley, Jordan, Lewis and Theo

Year 5/6 Girls

Freya, Amelia, Sophie, Jessica, Milly, Hannah K, Hannah W and Eleanor

Year 5/6 Boys

Will, Zak, Jonathan and Dan


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