Colourful Calendars

In year 4 we have been making calendars with complicated steps. The children have made them with a needle and two colours of thread that they  have selected. All the children have been helping one another if some people find it a bit tricky. The calendars have been going very well and no injuries with needles have   happened. Lots of people have given positive feedback with making them.                                   Here is some positive things classmates have said.

“They were tricky but we all did them in the end,” Said by Isaac

“I loved threading the thread through the holes and it gave a beautiful end product,” Said by Liam

“I loved sowing because it was very exiting,” Said by Felicity

“I liked it because it was fun and relaxing and turned out great, ”Said by Hannah

“It was very fun and useful,” Said by Brook

Here is some adjectives said by classmates cool , superb , hard and easy , amazing ,great , fab , and difficult.

As you can see most of the class enjoyed this activity and found it useful. They all have had a great time making the calendars and they have all turned out beautiful.

By Kassidy Miller and Molly Hannam




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