Newsletter 20th May


You could make your own wormery at home!

We are really enjoying our animal topic! This week we have been in the outdoor environment, collecting all the things that we need to make a wormery. We have used our expertise to create our own worm books, writing about how to make a wormery and the worm facts that we have learned.

In Mathematics we have been weighing different objects around the classroom, finding objects that weigh less than 10 cubes. We then used our taking away skills to find out how much the objects weighed. We have also done some outdoor Maths, using a big number line that we enjoyed jumping down.

Next week our focus will be Vets and Pets. There is a small homework task in your child’s bag. The Vets and Pets section of this topic will prepare us for the special visitors that might be coming to our classroom after the half term holidays…(watch this space!).



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