Newsletter 22nd January

We have had a lovely week in Reception this week.

In Phonics we have learned the sounds: igh, oa, and oo.  Try playing some games with your child on this interactive website. (There are some free games on here).

In Mathematics we have been working on filling in missing numbers on a number line, and we have played some ICT Maths games.

In Literacy we have been writing about our Winter Walk and the Magic Porridge Pot.

Thank you for the fantastic book reviews. The children will be changing their library books every Friday.

It was lovely to see so many children with warm outdoor P.E. kits. We will need these in school every Monday as we now have a sports coach on Monday afternoons.

Next week we will be doing some more work on the Magic Porridge Pot and will be making our own porridge in school!


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