Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Your class teacher is Miss Roper.


Our competitive Sports Day went ahead on Wednesday. A huge thanks to all the parents and helpers; we had a fantastic response this year which really helped the event to run smoothly.  Special thanks to our students, from Marple College, and to Mr & Mrs Allen for organising the help. Our, Olympic inspired, Pentathlon Challenge is now in its fifth year and it continues
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Children’s ‘blog – Bonfire Night

This is our firework topic.. it ‘s AMAZING! We did symmetrical maths, expanded noun phrases and in art, we made a bonfire and fireworks with messy paint. For homework, Ford made a firework rocket with firework safety on it and  Daniel made a wax symmetrical picture. By Ford and Daniel

Children’s ‘blog – Diary of a Labrador

We were  making  up an ending for a diary but we had do it as a different  character  in  the diary.  It was hard to  think  what they would think and say  from their  point of view. It looked really good when it was finished. By B

Children’s ‘blog – Balancing!

We went down to gym and had some small equipment out. We got into pairs and balanced together. We swapped over and went on different equipment. Me and my friend were trying to getting up leaning against each others back like at the back of the picture. It was tricky! Sophie and Imogen  

Children’s ‘blog – Dancing Maths!

Mrs Morris came into our classroom when we where doing a dance and practising our maths. Mrs Morris was laughing her head off and she loved our maths work too. All the class had fun. It was so AMAZING.It was the best thing  ever. Ruby and Emily

Year 3 are taking control of the class ‘blog! (With a bit of help from Mrs. Humphries)

Celtic Hillfort. Drama on the field

The Celts’ lives were tough. From hunting and building roundhouses to cooking and weaving cloth, the tribe had to provide for themselves. We imagined what it might have been like and acted it out before we wrote our diaries.

Welcome to Year 3

We have made a fantastic start to the new school year and have settled well into Key Stage 2. Just look at some of our work so far!

Travelling by Tuba

High Lane Primary School children enjoyed a real treat on Wednesday afternoon when we were visited by Travelling by Tuba. The duo performed a fantastic ‘Best of British’ concert for the children and it was a roaring success. The concert was informative, educational, interactive and extremely enjoyable! Thank you so much to everybody who contributed to this exciting event. Without your support, we would
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Sport Relief Relay Challenge

The classes were pitted against each other in our Sport Relief Relay Challenge.  The object was to transport 5 relay batons the longest distance within a set time.  Here are the final results of the head to head battles;- Reception: 6440m Year 1: 11,165m Vs Year 2:14,993m Year 3: 19,140m Vs Year 4: 31,262m Year 5: 23,606m Vs Year 6: 25,839m Congratulations to the
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