Year 1

Welcome to year 1. Your class teacher is Miss Wyche.

We are Maths Master Builders!

We played an add and subtract game using our Lego bricks this week. The winner was the person who had the most bricks at the end of the game! We love this game, if you would like a copy to play at home with your family please see Miss Wyche.

We are Master Bridge Builders!

We became master builders today when we used lots of different materials to build bridges.  To make it a fair test we decided that bridge had to be 60cm long and hold 3 cars at the same time.  

Everything is….

We have been extending our vocabulary this week by looking at words we can use to make our work sound more exciting! On our working wall we have used our writing brains to improve the phrase ‘Everything is awesome!’ from the Lego Movie. I love the choices, especially ‘Everything is mind-blowing!’, ‘Everything is out of this world!’ and ‘Everything is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!’    

Britain’s Tim Peake Begins his spacewalk!

Today we all met in the hall to watch Major Peake step into space as part of a six-and-a-half-hour mission to repair a broken power unit on the International Space Station. We all sat in amazement as we watch him check his space suit and the equipment on the outside of the Space Station.  We even got a glimpse of the Earth!  

Winter is here!

Last week we went for a “Where is Winter?” walk to look for signs of winter, but we didn’t find many! Today we found lots of signs that winter is finally here. Reception and Year 1 worked collaboratively so we could share our skills and knowledge.

Cloud Cuckoo Land

We have had a fantastic time in Cloud Cuckoo Land this week! Here are some of the fantastic projects we are currently working on… Can you spot the tall monster, the flower bike and the farm?  

Welcome Back

This term we will be having lots of fun becoming ‘Master Builders’. Thank you to all the children who have kindly donated building blocks, we are going turn our role play area into our very own ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’. We are going to have an awesome term of learning in Year 1! Open the post to view a clip of our class theme song.