Hello and welcome to Reception. I am Miss Royle and I work alongside Mrs Cox in the mornings and Mrs Callaghan in the afternoons.

In Reception we love to learn through exploration and play. Check out our blog regularly to see what we’ve been doing at school!

Newsletter 26th February

This week we have started on our new topic “Where do you live?” We have started to think about all the different buildings in our local area. We did a class vote and have decided to turn our role-play area into a local shop. Watch this space! In Mathematics we have been focusing on subtraction and have been learning how to takeaway using objects
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Newsletter 29th January

We have been busy with our magic porridge pot work this week. We have written a porridge shopping list, made porridge in the classroom, tasted porridge and then written a sentence about how the porridge tasted. In Mathematics we have been learning about how to halve shapes, groups of objects and even how to halve numbers. In Phonics we have learned the sounds ar
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Chinese New Year Stay and Play

On WEDNESDAY 10TH FEBRUARY at 9:15 to 10:15 there will be a Chinese New Year Stay and Play session in school. This event will include numerous activities, related to Chinese New Year, and will take place in the main hall at school. Parents/carers are invited to stay and celebrate with us. (Parents/ carers of children who attended our nursery last year, may have already visited our
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Newsletter 22nd January

We have had a lovely week in Reception this week. In Phonics we have learned the sounds: igh, oa, and oo.  Try playing some games with your child on this interactive website. (There are some free games on here). In Mathematics we have been working on filling in missing numbers on a number line, and we have played some ICT Maths games. In
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Britain’s Tim Peake Begins his spacewalk!

Today we all met in the hall to watch Major Peake step into space as part of a six-and-a-half-hour mission to repair a broken power unit on the International Space Station. We all sat in amazement as we watch him check his space suit and the equipment on the outside of the Space Station.  We even got a glimpse of the Earth!  

Newsletter 15th January

In Phonics we have learned the sounds ng, ai, ee.         In Mathematics we have been learning about teen numbers and we have learned how to double numbers up to ten.

Winter is here!

Last week we went for a “Where is Winter?” walk to look for signs of winter, but we didn’t find many! Today we found lots of signs that winter is finally here. Reception and Year 1 worked collaboratively so we could share our skills and knowledge.

Ice Experiments

Winter Magic

Welcome Back!

I hope you have had an exciting and restful Christmas. Today we have carried on with our Magic Topic but with a new wintry twist. We have been for a “Where is Winter?” walk, and looked for signs of winter. We couldn’t find many, so we have decided to create our own Winter Magic in the classroom. We have been making snowflakes and we will be
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