Hello and welcome to Reception. I am Miss Royle and I work alongside Mrs Cox in the mornings and Mrs Callaghan in the afternoons.

In Reception we love to learn through exploration and play. Check out our blog regularly to see what we’ve been doing at school!

What have we been up to?

Over the last two weeks we have been very busy. We’re getting really good at choosing our school dinners and eating them with our friends. We have been learning about the letter sounds: s,a,t,p,i and n. We have had some P.E. and dance sessions. We have been on the trim trail and tested out our gross motor skills We have been counting out items
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Reception – Our First Week

Welcome to our new Reception class! The children have settled into school really well and we have been so impressed with how ready they are for school. They look so smart in their uniforms and shiny shoes. The first week has been all about getting to know each other and the children have been getting used to the classroom and the school. We have
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Newsletter 17th June

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely holiday. This week, we have started learning about Life Cycles. There is a homework in your child’s bag linked to this topic. The children have been working with Year Two to set up the incubator and add some chicken eggs. We have started our own chick books as we count down to hatching day. Very exciting stuff!
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Newsletter 20th May

ANIMALS You could make your own wormery at home! We are really enjoying our animal topic! This week we have been in the outdoor environment, collecting all the things that we need to make a wormery. We have used our expertise to create our own worm books, writing about how to make a wormery and the worm facts that we have learned. In
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Newsletter 6th May

This week we have started our new topic; Animals. We have been writing about what we would like to do during this topic and I have enjoyed reading your ideas from home. Each story time, we have been enjoying the lovely animal stories that have been sent in from home. In Mathematics we have been working very hard! Last week we learned about number bonds
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The Queen’s Birthday/ St. George’s Day

To celebrate these two special days, the Reception children and Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a truly British snack of scones, jam and cream in the afternoon sun. We also made our own English flags and in assembly, we sang God Save the Queen and Rule Britannia. We also learned the story of St. George.  

Travelling by Tuba

High Lane Primary School children enjoyed a real treat on Wednesday afternoon when we were visited by Travelling by Tuba. The duo performed a fantastic ‘Best of British’ concert for the children and it was a roaring success. The concert was informative, educational, interactive and extremely enjoyable! Thank you so much to everybody who contributed to this exciting event. Without your support, we would
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Sport Relief Relay Challenge

The classes were pitted against each other in our Sport Relief Relay Challenge.  The object was to transport 5 relay batons the longest distance within a set time.  Here are the final results of the head to head battles;- Reception: 6440m Year 1: 11,165m Vs Year 2:14,993m Year 3: 19,140m Vs Year 4: 31,262m Year 5: 23,606m Vs Year 6: 25,839m Congratulations to the
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We have had so much fun this week, being little scientists. We have carried out some exciting science investigations and we’ve had lots of bubbly, messy fun too!  

Newsletter 11th March

We have had an exciting time with our new topic. We have made a mini High Lane village out of junk modelling and Beebot came to visit. We used our directions and positional language to help Beebot walk around the village. We even did this in P.E; giving each other directions. Then we used our new iPads and played on the Beebot app! In
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