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Master Builders

Meet our team of Year One Master Builders!  They have been working extremely hard to create builds in our very own Cloud Cuckoo Land.  Grown ups and siblings are more than welcome to come in and have a look at what we have done!

Time for Tots

Time for Tots

Phonics Fun!

Year One chose to play partner games during their Friday phonics session.  They played Tic-tac-toe on the I pads and phonic board games. They were all very competitive and it is fantastic to see the children applying their phonic knowledge and having lots of fun.

Travelling by Tuba

High Lane Primary School children enjoyed a real treat on Wednesday afternoon when we were visited by Travelling by Tuba. The duo performed a fantastic ‘Best of British’ concert for the children and it was a roaring success. The concert was informative, educational, interactive and extremely enjoyable! Thank you so much to everybody who contributed to this exciting event. Without your support, we would
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Newsletter 11th March

We have had an exciting time with our new topic. We have made a mini High Lane village out of junk modelling and Beebot came to visit. We used our directions and positional language to help Beebot walk around the village. We even did this in P.E; giving each other directions. Then we used our new iPads and played on the Beebot app! In
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We are Master Bridge Builders!

We became master builders today when we used lots of different materials to build bridges.  To make it a fair test we decided that bridge had to be 60cm long and hold 3 cars at the same time.  

Britain’s Tim Peake Begins his spacewalk!

Today we all met in the hall to watch Major Peake step into space as part of a six-and-a-half-hour mission to repair a broken power unit on the International Space Station. We all sat in amazement as we watch him check his space suit and the equipment on the outside of the Space Station.  We even got a glimpse of the Earth!  

High Lane visits Stockport Plaza